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Travelers with vaccine passports can travel safely

A vaccine passport from your country of origin will most likely be required for you to travel to Japan in the post-coronavirus vaccinated world. Japan is planning to issue its own vaccine passport as well.

The Japan-issued "passport" contains physical certification that you have been vaccinated, as well as access to digital information. Additionally, this data will be available in Japanese and English, making international travel easier.

Japan's government sources hope that this new method of vaccine verification will shorten or eliminate quarantine periods completely.

Certificate applications may begin as early as mid-to-late July in Japan. To apply, applicants will need to visit a local government office and fill out physical documentation-although the government claims to be working on a digital format. Passports will contain information about the holder, such as their name, birthdate, passport number, vaccination date, and pharmaceutical.

The government's plans to help us all begin traveling again are a relief with vaccinations beginning across Japan. Can't wait to explore the world?


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